How to combine Minimalist with the Boho Style


Do you love being minimalist but adore the Boho Style so much? They seem not so relevant to each other. Though, have you ever thought that they can combine to create an eclectic balance? Let’s find out the answer right below.

Overview of the Minimalist and Boho styles

In the root philosophy of each style, Minimalist emphasizes the importance of “Less is More”: functionality, clean lines, and monochrome colors. Meanwhile, Bohemian appreciates “More is More”: dominant colors, mixed textures, and global-inspired decorations.

At first sight, these two home styles might be totally opposite. But they still remain unexpected similarities.

Unexpected similarities between Minimalist and Boho

Wicker wall baskets in the living room

1. Bring the "greenery" element

Although the Minimalism style promotes neutrality, it still favors bringing more plants into the house to make the space airier. This goes well with the Boho style, which is famous for its love of nature.

2. Appreciate the relaxedness

While each style has its own characteristics, their ultimate goal is to create a space for homeowners to feel comfortable.

woven hamper placed next to the kitchen cabinet

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How to create a Minimalist Boho-inspired house

1. Create light color wall and handwoven decor

Start with an easy step: Choose a bright neutral color for the wall. To create a good balance between Boho and Minimalist, let the upper wall be plain and the lower part is full of your favorite items.

woven wall basket, hamper and display of storage basket


2. Choose an accent color

A trending color that can apply to both Minimalist and Boho homestyle? Definitely earthy tones. And they are the trend color of 2023, too. Let's use them smartly for a trending design house.

eclectic wall basket in the boho bedroom


It is important that you create a color scheme for your home and always make sure to follow it. This will help avoid the house from getting messy when adding more details.

3. Opt for light and bright colors

Because Minimalist houses favor neutral colors, you can combine them with Boho to invite more colors into your home. Besides basic supporting colors, you can add lighter and fresher colors such as pink, terracotta, or marigold.

woven wall basket in the boho living room Image source: Unsplash

You can choose a white table or off-white benches with clean lines and mix them with an eclectic rug. Then add unique accents with pillows, which are Boho signatures. This will also embrace minimalism's cleanliness and Boho's vibrant colors.

4. Add handwoven wall decor

To achieve this vibe look, choose a simple wall basket set with fewer details. Set up in an airy space to ensure the relaxedness of your home room. We suggest setting it up in the living room or bedroom.

woven wall baskets in the living room and bedroom


5. Invite “the shine”

Switch your original windows that shade your light with glass panes. You can attach a thin white curtain or mesh curtain to block the sun.

woven hamper placed next to a rattan chair


Natural light helps increase serotonin in your body, which in turn helps you feel better and more relaxed. What’s more, they don't cost anything.

6. Let’s not forget Plants

For a softer-Boho room, add greenery accents now. Plus, display them in natural baskets to enhance nature harmony. If you’re afraid of clutter, utilize open shelves to organize all your plant faves.

inhouse plant in plant baskets


7. Finish pieces: Handcrafted baskets

Warm colors of seagrass or water hyacinth handwoven baskets will bring a cozy vibe to your home. You can mix and match them with neutral decor items such as open shelves, tables, or ceramic vases.

basket on the wooden shelf

Shop the natural wicker baskets

Although Boho and Minimalism are first opposite, their contrasts can complement each other to create a harmonious whole. Besides the tips above, we also have more ideas to decorate your minimal house this fall, check it out here.