15 Creative Halloween Decor Ideas Using Artera Home Products

The haunting holiday of Halloween is almost here! It's time to start planning how you'll decorate inside and outside your home to get into the spooky spirit. While classic Halloween decor like pumpkins, cobwebs, and spiders are always fun, you may want to switch things up this year. We've rounded up 15 creative and low-effort Halloween decor ideas that utilize products from Artera Home to add a festive flair in neutral styles.

Artera Home offers various durable, stylish natural material products perfect for Halloween decorations without the need to invest in temporary items. Our wicker baskets, wicker wall decor, and other kitchen accessories come in neutral tones that blend with any home’s aesthetic. 

Whether you go all out with a haunted house-worthy display or prefer more subtle seasonal accents, Artera Home has what you need to infuse your space with Halloween spirit while keeping it clean and easy to maintain. Read on for specific ideas and product recommendations to get your home Halloween-ready!


Outdoor Halloween Decorating Ideas:

  1. Carve pumpkins and display them on your front porch or lawn in or beside Artera Home's wicker baskets. The natural materials construction gives these items a natural, earthy vibe that looks great with the orange pumpkins. For an illuminated display, remember to place battery-operated tea lights or glow sticks inside before setting them out in the dusk.

  1. Want to mark your space as festive from the curb? Hang creepy cloth—that wispy black fabric with hints of spiderweb pattern—from your front door and line the path to it with mini string lights tucked into Artera Home's wicker baskets at intervals. The flickering glow adds just the right eerie ambiance.

  1. Another lighting option is to place flameless tea lights or luminary bags filled with glow sticks around your landscaping for ambient exterior illumination during evenings. Store them in Artera Home's durable outdoor baskets or crates when not in use for hassle-free seasonal decor.

Indoor Halloween Decorating Ideas:

  1. Set your dining room table for Halloween festivities with Artera Home’s neutral placemats which are from seagrass or water hyacinth, then incorporate spooky seasonal extras. For instance, place plastic pumpkin vases filled with orange or black decorations florals down the center. Consider adding white or black taper candles or battery tea lights for a creepy glow.

  1. Ready to commit to full-on spooky spirit inside? Drape spiderweb decor—either spun sugar webbing or gossamer silk strands—from your ceiling or mantel across neutral surfaces, then tuck black tea lights or electric flickering candles into Artera Home’s various neutral baskets and urns dotted throughout for a cohesive haunted look.

  1. Wait until after the fun festivities to get to clean up? No problem—use Artera Home’s durable wicker baskets in coordinating shades to easily corral Halloween candy before and remaining goodies after trick-or-treating without overwhelming your space in plastic or paper. The breathable weave makes these long-lasting storage pieces perfect for messy seasonal situations.

  1. Do you have a blank wall that needs a temporary character? Hang lengths of creepy cloth curtains to dress up plain surfaces like shelves or entryways, then fill Artera Home’s woven wall decor to create a spooky vibe. They’ll continue to look stylish year-round as you switch out seasonal paperbacks.

That’s our top indoor and outdoor Halloween decorating ideas using natural versatile home accents from Artera Home. Whether you favor bold décor or something more low-key, our neutral aesthetic blends seamlessly to infuse your space with Halloween spirit while keeping it ready to clean up once the festivities are over.