Artera Home’s bathroom baskets to organize your space


The bathroom is one of the most active places in our homes. It's a room that gets a lot of use and can easily become messy, especially when shared. To keep things organized, you need a storage solution.

That's why, in this blog, we have a variety of wicker bathroom baskets designed to make cleaning easier for you.

1. Categorize your countertop with bathroom baskets

Maintaining a clutter-free bathroom countertop is a common struggle—we get it. From toothbrushes to skincare essentials, daily use can quickly turn this area into chaos. But don't worry! Wicker baskets can come in handy. Simply place them on your countertop and use them to categorize your items. Keep one basket for skincare products, another for toothbrushes and toothpaste, and maybe one for hand washing. This way, you'll have a neat and organized space.

If you’re looking for bathroom baskets, explore our Kim Chinh wicker organizers to declutter your space with sets 4 for various storage, from skincare to hair combs. This basket is also a stylish option for your countertop, with its earthy tones and twisted lines, bringing a touch of nature into your daily rituals.


Kim Chinh’s wicker baskets with sets of 4 for countertop categorization

And for those seeking a sleek solution with a space-saving twist, don’t miss out on our Kim Dinh bathroom baskets. Crafted in a rectangular shape, these storage offer ample capacity without hogging your countertop. So, wave goodbye to the chaos and say hello to the organized serenity that Artera Home’s organizers bring to your space.


Artera Home’s Kim Dinh bathroom storage baskets for organization and space-saving

2. Declutter your under sink

If you're tired of finding bathroom cleaning solutions or toilet paper beneath the sink cabinets but ending up with nothing due to the messed-up space, It's time to declutter with wicker baskets. Opt for our Kim Chinh round-crafted organizers with round shapes to easily tuck in your under-sink bathroom space and categorize your kinds of stuff. Besides, our Kim Chinh provides an ideal home with lids to avoid scratches, damage, or staining, ensuring your essentials stay in shape. 


Kim Chinh round wicker with lids to maintain a tidy space and item shape

If you need a wicker basket to move in and out easily, opt for the ones with handles. No more struggling to access the items stored beneath the sink or fumbling with awkward containers.


Artera Home’s bathroom baskets with handles for decluttering the under sink

3. Optimize your space on walls

Creating a bathroom oasis starts with maximizing your space, and nothing accomplishes that quite like hanging wicker baskets on your walls. 

One of the important factors to consider when choosing a wicker bathroom basket is the sturdy handles that ensure your items stay securely in place. At Artera Home, we offer Kim Trung woven baskets specifically designed to hold many items like towels, shampoo, and clothes without making them fall off.


Kim Trung woven baskets as bathroom storage on the wall

4. Clean your tub with bathroom storage baskets

When we speak of the bathtub, it reminds us of a place to unwind after a long day. Once we get in the tub, it’s an inconvenient experience to get out to take the towels or clothes to distant countertops and hooks. That’s why we always place bathroom baskets near the tub for easy accessibility and a clutter-free space for storing the above stuff. 

At Artera Home, we have the perfect solution to enhance your bathtub experience and maintain a clean, organized environment. Take our Kim Dong round-crafted bathroom baskets as an example. These wicker not only boast an elegant round shape but also come with sturdy wooden handles, allowing you to carry them or store your clothes or towels conveniently within reach.


Artera Home’s bathroom baskets for storing towels and clothes near the bathtub

Additionally, our bathroom storage baskets are available with lids, providing privacy and keeping personal items like underwear neatly covered. With Artera Home's bathroom organizer with baskets, you can create a relaxing, clutter-free space.

Whether you’re using the bathroom alone or sharing it with someone, it’s always ideal to have a neat space. We hope, with our range of suggestions, you can find bathroom baskets to clean your home. Don’t hesitate to explore our handcrafted organizers to simplify your cleaning, creating an oasis of order and tranquility.