Choosing Your Kitchen Style with Artera Home


Do you know where the heart of your home is? In which you can do many activities with members of your family. Undoubtedly, It's the kitchen room.

Hence, everything should be in order and clean in that you do many with happiness. If the kitchen room is cluttered without following rules, you have to upgrade your kitchen style right away.

1. Modernization transform your kitchen style

Have you ever heard a rule to think of clean lines, wood finishes, no carving, gratuitous decoration, very streamlined, and minimalistic with warm and thoughtful details?

It's all about the modern kitchen that every knick-knack is used in the right manner. It is intended for those who are getting tired of a bunch of useless stuff. Attached with streamlined interiors are some decoration accents such as woven pendant lights, and woven trays.

Greenery kitchen-modernization 001

Greenery kitchen-modernization 002

It's the simple repetition of accent color and finishes that have pulled it all together in your kitchen room – it looks effortless but in fact, was there in the all-important planning process.

2. Decreased space, increased functionality, and decoration

Huge kitchens have been incredible over the last decade. In this decade, we are going to change toward small kitchens that are maximized in function.

Wicker baskets contain all kinds of stuff instead of a cupboard and placemats instead of tablecloths with very thoughtful footprints that can maximize the space.

Many people favor small kitchens with beauty and function with no square inch unused to create good vibes. The reason for saying the best way of kitchen style is decreased space and increased functionality.

Greenery kitchen-decreased space 001

Greenery kitchen-decreased kitchen 002

3. Your kitchen style with greenery

Greenery brings many good things to your house. Especially, the greenery kitchen is more touchable because of filtering the air of cooking, and you are comfortable with the green color as going out.

Keeping practicality in mind here, use plant pots in a sunny spot like on windows. There are lots of great ideas around for the room with limited space for displaying herbs on racks and shelving for the room with limited space. On the other hand, you can use wicker baskets for putting stuff and plants.

Modern kitchen-wicker baskets


Finally, if you really love greenery and have a large enough space that you can give over some room to something purely ornamental, then you really can't go past this look – gorgeous!