Cozy Up Your Living Room with Our Natural Fall Home Decor


Everyone wants their home to feel warm and welcoming as the cooler months approach. Transforming your living room into a cozy oasis this fall is easy with the right styling tweaks. Our natural fall home decor can add layered texture while pulling design inspiration from the changing colors outdoors.

Embrace earthy fall hues

Start by planning your color palette based on autumnal shades seen in nature. Rusty oranges, rich browns, muted olives and golden yellows set the tone effortlessly. Pull these tones throughout your space through woven baskets, plush throws and framed artwork. Pull prints featuring leaves, trees and pumpkins can help too.

For furniture, stick to warm wooden tones in your sectional, coffee table and side tables. Their versatility allows these items to tie different hues together cohesively year after year. Ensure lighting radiates coziness with lamps sporting shades in complementary colors.

Add tactile textures

Taking cues from forests and fields, layer diverse materials underfoot and as accents. Natural fibers like cotton, wool and jute infuse warmth. For a foundation, layer style rugs separately in the lounge and TV areas. Melt-in-your-hand blankets and throws piled on furniture provide welcome embracing texture too.

Artera Home’s wall hangings, seagrass baskets and doilies fill empty walls and surfaces artistically. Their handwoven designs made from renewable resources add casual sophistication while resembling organic fall elements. Weave them throughout nooks with aesthetic placement intention.

Curate conversation zones

Separate your living space into vignettes suited for reading, movies or socializing using scaled furniture grouping. A deep sectional anchors the television zone while armchairs nestle cozily near a reading lamp. Scatter ottomans, bolsters and footrests throughout for flexible seating.

Place Artera Home’s baskets atop side tables filled with books, coffee table books or potted succulents. Larger woven containers can hold fruit centerpieces, potted plants or seasonal pumpkins. Their tailored inclusion defines spaces naturally. Hang garlands of autumnal foliage to anchor the lounge area above.

Welcome harvest inspiration

Display seasonal fruits, vegetables and produce artistic arrangements as the center of attention. Filled wicker baskets or wooden bowls of apples, pears and citrus alongside gourds and mini pumpkins cheerfully evoke warmth. Their vibrant hues interspersed amongst neutral shades create balanced dimension.

Consider placing pieces on tiered stands, mantels, shelves, coffee and side tables for visual layers. Renew displays weekly using fall finds from produce markets and backyard foraging. Dried florals, ornamental grass and berries nestled throughout provide organic texture reminiscent of nature’s fleeting beauty.

Light fragrant candles, whether apple-cinnamon or pumpkin spice, permeating paragraphs spaces adds inviting warmth and aroma activating multiple senses. Have them waiting to illuminate coziness after dusk falls each evening. String small vintage-style lights as an option to create ambient glow during festive occasions too.

Final comforting details

Blend plaids, checks, stripes and solids through accent pillows, blankets and an ottoman to personalize different seating areas. A quilted blanket hung on the wall delivers casual style. final layer, grouping everything snugly encourages relaxation - plush throws, lambswool pillows and sheepskin rugs topped with mugs of apple cider call for unwinding Watching Fall films makes frits complete.

Throughout styling changes accentuate comfort and warmth for friends and family using your living space. Sustainably-crafted pieces from Artera Home complete arrangements season after season affordably elevating enjoyment. Refresh areas minimally each month with budget-friendly supplies to maintain elegant coziness all Fall long.