Kim Son Jute Wall Decor - Ideal Piece for Your Calm Bathroom


Who doesn’t love having a space at home that serves as a personal chill zone amid the hustle and bustle of everyday life? A relaxing bathroom can offer just that. By cutting back on clutter and bringing in natural vibes, you can transform your bathroom into a peaceful retreat that refreshes you from head to toe. 

We're super excited to introduce Kim Son jute wall decor today. It's the perfect piece to add a touch of harmony and a laid-back feel to your bathroom.

3 outstanding traits of Kim Son jute wall decor

1. Made from jute fiber 

Jute is one of our favorite materials for wall decor, not only because of its eco-friendly qualities but also due to its unique subtle glow, which distinguishes it from other materials. Our Kim Son inherits these traits from jute materials with its glow as a natural highlight to enhance the overall look.


Artera Home’s jute wall decor with subtle glow effect

Thus, when our Kim Son jute wall decor is placed in dimly lit areas or near a window that receives minimal sunlight, even the slightest ray of sun can create a warm, inviting glow that infuses your bathroom with warmth.

2. Natural light brown color

Our Kim Son jute wall decor exemplifies a healing vibe with its natural light brown hue that soothes you after a long day.

Imagine coming home exhausted from work, sinking into your bathtub, and gazing around your bathroom. There, the calming shades of natural wall decor transform your space into a serene retreat. Isn't this the perfect way to unwind and restore your spirits?


Kim Son jute wall decor adorning a relaxing bathroom

3. A balanced look in a set

The secret to transforming your bathroom into a soothing sanctuary lies in achieving a visually balanced atmosphere the moment you step inside. For enhancing your relaxing space, our Kim Son is designed with:

  • Uniformity shape: a set of 3 with similar shapes in different sizes. So regardless of hanging vertically or any other type of hanging style, it always evokes a feeling of harmony. 


Kim Son jute basket wall decor with set of 3

  • Simple pattern: Featuring a round sunburst shape, Kim Son’s wall decor provides a clean, uncomplicated look that blends seamlessly with other bathroom decor without contributing to clutter.

Notes on how to clean our Kim Son woven wall art

Avoid high moisture exposure and hard chemicals when placing or cleaning. Harsh chemical cleaners, such as bleach or ammonia-based products, can break down the fibers of the wicker and cause discoloration. 

Also, prevent oil-based cleaning products, which can leave a residue that attracts dust. Stick to mild soap and water for wicker wall decor. If you want to explore more tips or step-by-step instructions for cleaning woven wall art, tap to read more!


Using mild washing liquid to clean wicker wall decor

We've explored the distinctive traits of our jute wall decor, emphasizing how well-suited it is for complementing a relaxing bathroom. Enhance your relaxing bathroom with our Kim Son woven wall art. Shop now!