Tips To Make Your Christmas Tablescapes 2022 Easier


If you are rushing to decorate for the Christmas party, or looking for more ideas in the last hours, let’s explore these Christmas tablescape 2022 ideas that will surprise your guests.

Mistakes to avoid when setting up Christmas tablescape ideas

Rushing to decorate without a plan

Starting without a plan will make decorating more difficult. You may take more unnecessary time because you don't know what to do and prepare. Let’s spend time asking yourself some questions before you start decorating:

  • What do you want the party to look like?
  • What is the party concept you are aiming for?
  • What is the main color of the party?
  • What kind of vibe/feeling do you want the party to have?
  • How can you choose the right decorations?

Determining the main color, and party vibe will make it easier to come up with Christmas tablescape ideas, choose decorations, and set up the tablescape, without being confused.

Extra tip: Using neutral color items like crafted placemats will help decorate and change the party concept more easily when needed.

For example, with two tablescapes below, while remaining the same dining table overall, only changing the color of the napkin makes a big difference. The vibe immediately changes from vibrant to elegant. To achieve this, you should choose neutral placemats and baskets to highlight the change.

Christmas Tablescape 2022 decor with placemats


Try to add many accessories

Mixing too many ideas and accessories into the Christmas tablescape decor does not make the party look more special, but makes everything become messy because of cramming too many things. You had better determine items that are absolutely necessary to put on the table, such as glasses, plates, napkins, or certain decorative accessories.

Christmas tablescape decor with woven placemats


Missing the line of sight

Don’t forget that a comfortable conversation is the most important part of the party. Therefore, limit the use of too many decorations with outstanding height that block the view of guests, making it difficult for them to communicate and chat.

If you want to increase the depth and aesthetics of the table, you have to consider the heights, sizes, shapes, and textures aspects of the product. Choose which items will be the dining table's centerpiece, then add other accessories around it to create a connection.

For example, if you choose the candle to be the most prominent centerpiece, you should choose other smaller accessories, such as pine cones, garlands, and pearls placed below. Do not add accessories that are too large, or too tall. This will make the overall look messy, and overwhelming.

Christmas tablescape decor with placemats


Tips for enhancing your Christmas tablescape decor

These are ideas for setting up a dining table that is not too complicated but still stands out in the overall space of the party.

Express the Christmas vibes through light, sound, and color

A party requires not only delicious food but also the right atmosphere. For example: Halloween - creepy, funny, Thanksgiving - warm, elegant, Christmas - brilliant, sparkling. Consider choosing the right accompanying elements such as color palette, table arrangement, decorations, and music that affect the mood/feeling of the party. Let’s refer to our color palette suggestions.

Red x Ivory x Beige

tablescape decor with placemat and tray


Beige x White x Green

Christmas tablescape decor with placemats, green napkins, white bowls


Natural Beige x Off-white x Green

Christmas tablescape decor with placemats and white plates


Use handicraft decorations

Using hand-crafted products with basic design, and neutral color tones will add more natural touches to the table, not only making the decoration and set up more different but also making the overall look closer and warmer.

Christmas tablescape decor with placemats, white plates and green napkins

Shop the handcrafted Christmas table centerpiece


Add scent from candles

One of the best ways to impress guests is with scents such as flowers or candles. You should choose pleasant scents, not too strong or too specific to avoid guests being too allergic to scents.

Note: If you want to use candles as a decoration in the center of the table or create a scent, you should give priority to choosing tablecloths with fireproof material.

Christmas tablescape decor with candles and flowers


Increase the greenery

Christmas is a special time for people to display sparkling, colorful accessories. But sometimes that combination makes the whole look confused because there are too many things to focus on. That’s why you should consider adding a green palette. The green area brings a sense of elegance, softens the harsh tones, and creates harmony in the space.

Christmas table settings with placemats and folding napkins


Use hand-woven placemats for your table

The placemat is made from natural materials that are lightweight, flexible, and easy to clean. It is suitable for parties because of its high aesthetics and insulation and table protection function. Plus, they're the perfect size to hold dinner plates and cutlery. And be reusable for any other holiday party.

Christmas tablescape decor with white plate and placemat

Shop the hand-woven placemats


Most importantly, have fun!

Enjoying cozy times with family and friends is the most essential thing when holding a party. Do not be an overly anxious, perfectionist host, which will create an awkward atmosphere for your guests. Preparing carefully and letting the party happen naturally is the best way for your Christmas party to achieve incredible meaning and success.

Don't overthink or make it difficult for yourself. A Christmas party is most complete when they are decorated to your style. Paying attention to the guest's experience is necessary, but do not be too restrictive and maintain your personalization at the party.