Top 4 Functional and Stylish Woven Planters for Storing Your Greenery


If you're looking for a woven planter that is both functional and decorative, don't miss out on our wicker baskets as plant pots. Join us as we explore our top four practical and decorative woven planters that are perfect for showcase your green friends. 

1. Thuong Kiem plant wicker planter

The Thuong Kiem Plant Wicker Basket is perfectly embodies the blend of functionality and style. This basket is crafted from tightly woven, thick strands that offer durability without needing a metal frame. Plus, it features a protective plastic liner that prevents water damage from plant watering. 


Thuong Kiem woven basket for plant pot to adorn your indoor spaces

What truly sets our Thuong Kiem woven planter apart is its rich, golden brown color from natural water hyacinth. This warm hue brings a cozy and welcoming vibe to any room, especially those dim corners in need of a little cheer. The basket's arrow weave is robust and also eye-pleasing, creating a sense of harmony and peace that enhances the beauty of any plant it holds.


Thuong Kiem baskets with a golden brown tone bring a cozy vibe to your room

2. Kim Trung seagrass baskets

If there is praise for a lightweight and durable woven planter, that would go to our Kim Trung wicker baskets. Crafted from seagrass, this basket is flexible and built to last. It features a protective plastic liner to shield against water damage, ensuring it stays beautiful and functional for years.


Kim Trung wicker basket is ideal for storing your plants with its lightweight and durable traits

In terms of aesthetics, the Kim Trung planter shines with a light brown color, enhanced by a rustic, glossy finish with a hint of green. Compared to water hyacinth material, these unique tones of seagrass can meld seamlessly with your other houseplants, enhancing the overall decor. Its tightly pressed weave delivers a clean and cohesive look that’s both pleasing to the eye and practical for everyday use.


This seagrass basket can blend in well with your plants to create a harmonious space

3. Beo Xoan woven basket planter

Meet our Beo Xoan woven planter, another standout piece in our collection of water hyacinth baskets. The Beo Xoan Storage Basket expertly blends functionality with distinctive design features. It features a sturdy metal frame from the base to the handles, creating a light yet strong structure that makes moving it around a breeze without jostling the plant inside.


Beo Xoan water hyacinth baskets can improve air circulation for the plant with its airy weave

Unlike the Thuong Kiem woven planter, our Beo Xoan wicker baskets come in with a twisted weave, which combines horizontal and vertical weaving techniques. It creates a complex yet harmonious appearance. These woven lines of the baskets also create an airy look and improve air circulation for the plant.

4. Dong Huong woven basket for plant pot

The Dong Huong woven planter is the ultimate choice for those seeking strength and adaptability in their plant decor. Built to support larger plant arrangements, this basket comes with reinforced edges and woven handles, offering durability and ease of handling. Its expansive design is perfect for housing petite and grand plants, providing flexibility for any indoor gardener.


Dong Huong woven planters for adorning your spaces

This basket is meticulously crafted from water hyacinth and features an arrow weave that strengthens its structure and aesthetic. Just like any water hyacinth basket, the light brown tone can be a perfect addition to enhance the warm and natural look in shady spaces.

Each of these woven planters offers unique features and benefits, making them excellent choices for anyone looking to enhance their living spaces with natural elements. These planters not only serve as practical solutions but also act as decorative pieces that contribute to a tranquil home environment. Get them today!