4 Tips For Using Toy Storage Organizer With Bins For Tidy Spaces


Are your kids leaving a trail of toys all over the house? You’re not alone. Cleaning up can be a challenge, especially when you're busy juggling multiple tasks. That's where wicker baskets come in handy in this situation! 

In this blog post, we'll share 4 practical tips on how to use a toy storage organizer with bins to create an organized space for your little ones!

1. Sort your kids toys

Picture the benefits of sorting your kid's game into designated baskets, where building blocks and stuffed animals are organized in different baskets. This toy sorting will quicken your cleaning process for a neat space and ensure your little ones can access it easily afterward. 

If you’re looking at how to sort your toys easier, explore our tips below! 

  • Prioritize frequently used items: Place the most frequently used games in an easily accessible toy storage organizer with bins. These can include your child's favorites or ones they play with daily.  

  • Create a "Quick Clean" wicker toy basket: Designate one basket as a "Quick Clean" basket for when you need to tidy up in a hurry. This basket can be a temporary holding spot for games that must be put away later. 

  • Utilize different-sized baskets:  Smaller baskets can be used for smaller toys or toy accessories, while medium-sized baskets can hold medium-sized toys like cars or dolls. Larger baskets store bulkier items like board games or larger plush toys. 


Label the toy storage for easy cleanup and access afterward

2. Use a portable toy storage basket

We get it - carrying the toy storage organizer with bins around the house for decluttering is hard when it’s piled up and heavy. That’s why we always choose storage solutions with handles. With these baskets, it is simple to gather all the kid's games, place them in the basket, and effortlessly carry them to the designated area. The handles also make it easy for your child to lend a helping hand and bring their toys to a different room they want. 

If you’re looking for a wicker toy basket with sturdy handles, explore our Kim Chinh organizer. Its firm handles can help you move around the house easily, while the set of 3 with a metal frame can be ideal for holding up to 3 stuffed toys and 5 pieces of Lego for your kids. 


Artera Home’s Kim Chinh toy storage basket with firm handles for carry-around

3. Utilize under-bed storage

Make the most of your child's under-bed with a toy storage organizer with bins. These baskets are perfect for discreetly storing your kid's games while keeping them within easy reach. 

How to choose an ideal toy storage basket for your kid’s bedroom? Explore our tips to help you find the perfect fit:

  • Consider the height, width, and length: Typically, under-bed baskets range from 6 to 12 inches, widths of 12 to 18 inches, and lengths that match the bed's dimensions.

  • Lid or cover: If you prefer to keep the toys concealed or if you want to prevent dust from accumulating on the stored toys, use a wicker basket with a lid or cover.

  • Stackable or nesting feature: This allows you to utilize the vertical space efficiently and create a tidy and organized storage system.


Durable toy wicker storage under the bed for decluttering and saving spaces

4. Create a toy display

Who says toy wicker can't be both functional and decorative? Showcase your child's favorites in wicker storage to create a beautiful display. One of our easy approaches is to utilize open-top toy storage baskets, allowing you to exhibit the stuffed friends or building blocks on shelves or in bookcases. This not only creates a pleasing arrangement but also enables your child to access their games independently and with ease.

If you want to find a wicker toy basket that serves two purposes, opt for our Luu Phuong storage shelves with bins. With their large cube shape, they can be ideal for storing 2–3 stuffed animals each. Besides, the toy storage organizer with bins boasts a natural brown color that can be easily styled for a harmonious look on any shelf!


Artera Home’s Luu Phuong wicker basket declutters and adorns your kid’s shelves

By utilizing wicker baskets for toy organization, you can create a neat and organized environment without taking too much time. For busy moms seeking effortless decluttering, don’t hesitate to discover our toy storage organizer with bins. We are sure our collection will blend functionality and elegance to create a clutter-free and inviting environment.