5 Summer Decor Trends 2024 Will Evoke a Fresh and Natural Look


Summer is knocking at the door, and what better way to welcome it than by refreshing your home decor? This blog will guide you through the top summer decor trends 2024, with a special focus on integrating natural elements that add both style and serenity to your living spaces. Let's dive right in and explore these exciting trends together!

1. Diverse texture

This trend is all about combining materials with different textures to add depth and tactile interest to your rooms. Let’s explore how to incorporate this element into your space. 

  • Breezy linens: Lightweight, breathable linens in crisp whites, soothing pastels, and earthy neutrals are a hallmark of summer styling. These natural fibers lend an effortless, relaxed vibe.

  • Sheer, airy fabrics: billowing, sheer curtains, and breezy textiles like chiffon or organza evoke a sense of movement and lightness, perfect for the warm season.

  • Woven accents: Woven textures like rattan, jute, and seagrass add warmth and an organic feel to summer spaces. From baskets to furniture, these natural materials are everywhere.


Living room with mixing texture for summer decor trends 2024 (Source: Decorilla)

We love how diverse textures add depth and appeal to a space, creating a refreshing atmosphere ideal for summer home decor trends. However, if you prefer simplicity, mixing too many textures might feel cluttered. A thoughtful blend can truly elevate your decor.

2. Organic modern decor in summer decor trends 2024

As we weave these textures into our homes, they lay the groundwork for a style that's both grounded and uplifting. Moving from the tactile to the aesthetic, let’s explore how organic modern decor, one of the summer decor trends 2024, can further enhance this natural harmony.

Blending the clean lines of modern design with the organic forms of nature, this trend promotes simplicity and warmth in space. There are several ways to infuse it: 

  • Sustainable organic forms: integrate furniture that emphasizes airy designs, ideal for enhancing airflow in summer. 


Summer living decor with airy furnishings (Source: The Crafty Hacks & Lex & Hudson)

  • Ceramic accents: Organic modern decor emphasizes the natural elements with minimal or clean lines. For this summer 2024, try to use the ceramic with a soft pattern or shape of water to enhance the organic feel with a seasonal touch.


Water pattern in ceramic accents for summer decor (Source: Beliani)

Everyone appreciates the clean and natural vibe of organic modern decor. It’s effortlessly chic, yet it can feel a bit too neutral if you crave more color. Careful selection keeps it lively and engaging.

3. Biophilic design

If you’re into summer decor trends 2024 that are eye-pleasing and beneficial for health, don’t miss out on biophilic design. This design principle is all about bringing the outdoors inside, enhancing our connection to the natural world. Explore a few ways to fill this indoor:

  • Seasonal plant in garden: integrate plants like sunflowers and marigolds in the garden

  • Herbs in kitchen: herbs like basil and mint, which add both beauty and utility to the space. Don't forget to combine it with plant wicker baskets to emphasize the nature-inspired look. Explore some of the plant wicker baskets from Artera Home now!


Using wicker baskets as planter for storing herbs in summer kitchen

Who doesn’t love bringing the outdoors inside? Biophilic design enhances both aesthetics and well-being. However, the maintenance can be challenging if your local climate isn’t supportive, requiring extra care.

4. Warm earth tones and vibrant accents

We can't deny the enchanting power of colors when it comes to creating a summer home. Even the tiniest hints of color can make a big difference. This trend will go with the vibrant tones to embrace the season's essence. Then later on, combine with the earthy tones to avoid looking too overwhelming. Explore a simple way to incorporate these trends into your space: 

  • Tropical accents: Add vibrant, nature-inspired prints in textiles or wall art featuring summer motifs like tropical leaves, bright flowers, or birds.


Living room with colorful tropical decorations (Source: MG Interiors)

  • Earthy tones: Utilize reflective surfaces in warm tones, like copper or polished wood, to brighten spaces with natural summer light.


Mixing the earthy tone with vivid tones in the living room (Source: The spruce)

Warm earth tones and vibrant accents create a dynamic, inviting summer atmosphere. However, these vibrant tones might not transition well into other seasons, possibly requiring updates as trends change.

5. Handcrafted and sustainable elements

Let’s come to an end with the last of the summer decor trends 2024. This trend is all about incorporating artisan-crafted items with sustainability into home decor to add uniqueness and support traditional crafts. Dive into how to bring this into your home:

  • Seasonal artisan crafts: Display seasonal handcrafted items that reflect summer themes, such as sea glass, woven reed baskets, or table decor with seaside tone pearl chargers

summer-decor-trends-2024 (1)

Coastal-themed crafts with summer vibe at the console table (Source: Hayley & Maison Lyle)


Summer table decor with seaside tones for refreshing look

  • Handmade natural textiles: If you’re prone to a more minimal look this summer, you can opt for soft, plain textiles with neutrals in the home decor. Discover our natural crafts for summer 2024 decor trends, from wicker baskets to wall decor, that match your minimal home. 


Minimal wall decor and wicker baskets as summer decorating ideas

Handcrafted elements add a personal touch and support sustainability, enriching your home with unique stories. However, their higher cost due to craftsmanship and quality might be a consideration if you're on a budget.

Incorporating these refreshing nature-inspired summer decor trends 2024 will breathe new life into your living spaces. As you consider these trends, remember that we are here to help you infuse your home with nature’s tranquility and beauty this season. Embrace these trends and let your home bloom with renewed life and style!