9 Must-have Natural Outdoor Decoration for Summer Party At Home


Get ready to host a stunning seasonal party at home? We believe that creating a beautiful and inviting outdoor setting is the key to making lasting memories. In this blog, we will explore 9 outdoor table decoration for summer that embrace the seasonal essence. So, grab a refreshing drink, kick back, and let's dive in!

1. Stripe tablecloth or table runner as foundation

Kick off your setting with a stripe tablecloth or runner in joyful summer colors like sunshine yellow or ocean blue. Striped linen as outdoor table decor for summer brings a lively energy that’s just perfect for seasonal entertaining. Not only do they add visual interest, but they also set a cheerful tone that lifts the overall spirit of your gathering.


Yellow striped table linen as outdoor table decoration for summer


Blue stripe table linen for soothing outdoor entertaining

2. Tableware with fruit patterns or colors

Choose tableware that bursts with the freshness of summer—think plates and bowls adorned with fruit motifs or in vibrant fruit colors. These bold and playful patterns are bang on trend and add a delightful twist to your table. 


Citrus patterns and tones plates for bringing summer vibe to your table setting


Fruitful patterns tableware to adorning your summer outdoor setting

3. Natural wicker placemats

Placemat outdoor wicker dining sets bring a slice of natural texture to your outdoor table decoration for summer as they enhance the natural aesthetic, add texture, and serve as a versatile base that complements both simple and elaborate setups.

For those using colorful fruit dinnerware, minimal placemats like ours can enhance the overall look. Those who prefer sophisticated patterned placemats can pair them with plain dinnerware.


Artera Home’s wicker placemats for creating rustic outdoor setting


Con Thoi wicker placemats with braided weaves and light brown for any summer setting

4. Pearl chargers 

Don’t forget to adorn your outdoor table decoration for summer with these pearl chargers to evoke a seaside vibe. Explore our pearl chargers with various coastal tones with gentle glow of the mother-of-pearl lends an elegant, yet effortless look that's sure to impress your guests.


Artera Home’s pearl charger with seaside tones enhancing your coastal setting

5. Airy trays

Who said trays were just for serving and storing food? They can be a great compliment in your summer setting. Incorporate trays made from natural materials like bamboo or rattan for study and refined finishes with the light, airy tones. 


Wicker trays with brown and white highlights for a fresh look

Let us introduce our one-of-a-kind Chat Binh rattan tray - a fantastic complement to your entertaining experience. Its clean-lined, soothing, light tone can ground your tablescape. 


Artera Home’s Chat Binh rattan trays for adoring your fresh and coastal summer setting

6. Seasonal blossoms

Adorn your outdoor table decoration for summer with seasonal flowers like lilies, sunflowers, marigolds, or coneflowers. These blooms are vibrant and capture the seasonal essence in full swing. Fresh flowers bring beauty and a pop of color, creating an eye-catching focal point that naturally enhances the ambiance.

summer-outdoor-table-decor-ideas (2)

Marigolds blossoms for adding seasonal touch to your outdoor setting


Sunflowers as table centerpiece and napkin accents for a natural summer setting

7. Floating candles

This can spark on your setting if you host a summer party in the evening with the soft glow of floating candles. Floating candles set a romantic mood, provide a warm glow as the sun sets, and beautifully complement the natural outdoor table decoration for summer. 

Place them in clear bowls filled with water, and consider adding flowers or citrus slices for an extra touch of charm.



Plain and floral floating candles for highlight your outdoor summer entertainment

8. Stemless glassware with summer tones

Opt for stemless glassware in refreshing summer shades like sea blue, zesty lemon, or vibrant orange. These can be used for drinks as part of the decor, perhaps holding small blooms or colorful stones. They enhance the festive vibe, add a burst of color, and seamlessly match with the other table elements.


Seamless glasses as your outdoor table decoration for summer

Hosting a summer party at home becomes a delightful experience with the right wicker outdoor dining table. By incorporating these nine natural decor items, you’re set to create an enchanting and unforgettable setting for your guests. Don’t forget to explore Artera Home’s outdoor table decorations for summer. Here’s to a season filled with joy, nature, and stunning parties!