Top 4 Picks of Basket for Blankets Living Room in Winter


As winter draws near, every cozy living room deserves a collection of throws that can create a relaxing vibe. Yet, they can quickly become a cluttered mess if left without a designated home after use. That's where our wicker baskets come into play, bringing both organization and warmth to your space. Join us in this blog to discover the ideal blanket for baskets in the living room you'll adore.

Wicker blanket baskets for storage needs

1. Kim Hai storage baskets for the living room

Made from soft water hyacinth, our Kim Hai wicker basket is a cozy spot for keeping your throws in tip-top condition. The soft texture of the material ensures your blankets stay safe inside without any scratches. The close-knit lines are also ideal for preventing damage from the outside environment. 

Moreover, with heights about just right for the set of 3 (18.5”, 16.5”, and 14.5”), they are the perfect “living space” for your blanket, providing easy access below sofas or couch seats whenever you need something to wrap yourself up in.

For added convenience, the Kim Hai comes with sturdy metal handles, allowing you to move them around easily and change the setting of your blankets.

2. Binh Minh wicker basket for blankets living room

A little open-for-airy space is good, but have you considered having something to cover up your blanket for long-term storage? 

Designed with a lid, our Binh Minh living room blanket storage offers protection against surrounding dust, ensuring your throw remains clean and fresh. What's more, many of our customers love the added benefit of using the lid as a convenient table in the living room when it's closed.

Curious about how much this wicker can hold? With a spacious capacity of 17" in diameter and 19.7" in height, these baskets easily fit 1-2 large blankets, ensuring your living space stays neat and organized.

Although this blanket basket for the living room may not have handles, it is constructed with a sturdy metal frame. This will ensure the quilts' shape over time and provide reliable storage. 


Basket for blankets in the living room as a decoration

1. Kim Chinh round blanket basket for living room

Creating a cozy space with blanket baskets is not only about a tidy and comfortable space but also about how eye-pleasing the look is. Our beloved choice for achieving this inviting space is adorning Kim Chinh wicker baskets. With their light brown hue and simple twisted weaving lines, they effortlessly blend with any color of throws. The smooth, round curves can harmonize the overall appeal when storing blankets inside.

What sets this basket for blankets living room apart is its sturdy and lasting shape, ensuring long-term use. This makes it the ideal choice for displaying your throws in tip-top appearance. 

2. Thuong Kim living room baskets for blankets

Like Kim Chinh, the Thuong Kim basket for blankets living room boasts a fine form, perfect for complementing throws as decorative items. Regarding lines and colors, this wicker presents a neutral tone that easily goes along with any quilt style and complements various decor. 

One of the traits that make the Thuong Kim stand out is its arrow weave. These crafted lines can create a soft and eye-pleasing texture to look at. Whether you use it to store blankets or as a standalone decorative piece, the arrow weave adds an inviting touch to your living room.

Embrace the cozy vibes with our top 4 wicker baskets, giving your winter living room the warm hug it deserves. Whether for storing blankets or beautifying the space, these blanket baskets have you covered. Don't wait – make your space a snug haven this season by shopping for them now!