Top 4 Ideas For Winter Decor After Christmas for a Cozy Space


As we remove the festive decor, the transition from Christmas to winter often leaves our homes feeling missing and empty. In this blog, let’s unravel inspiring ideas for winter decor after Christmas and explore how to infuse your space with comfort and warmth without overwhelming changes.

1. Winter decorations with candles

Adding more candles is one of the most effective winter decorations for infusing a sense of coziness into your home after the holiday. The warm, flickering glow brings tranquility and a touch of romance. This type of winter decor after Christmas is the perfect accessory to create a snug and inviting atmosphere for those cold evenings.

Take a look at these inspiring examples to discover how candles beautifully go on well with our Tan Thanh pearl charger, bringing warmth into your space. We adore using our floral pearl charger to house small candles and a few pine cones, creating a cozy arrangement in any room, especially on the dining table.

Winter decor after christmas living room

A small candle with bowls of pine cones on Artera Homes’s Tan Thanh pearl charger

winter decor after christmas

A cozy living room with candles (Source: LTK and Lifeonkayderosscreek)

2. Arrange blanket baskets as winter decor after Christmas

Cozy isn’t just about the feeling of warmth; it’s also the comfort when you step into a neat place. That's where blanket baskets come in, offering a two-in-one solution for an organized and comfy look in any space. Try to utilize them as winter decor for your favorite console table, seating corner, or stacked by the fireplace. 

winter decor after christmas

Artera Home’s Kim Chinh round wicker baskets cozy up the console table

Winter decor after christmas ideas

Artera Home’s Binh Minh hamper basket blends coziness in your living room

winter decorations with wicker baskets

Kim Chinh wicker basket with blankets double the warmth near a fireplace

winter decor after christmas in the bedroom

Artera Home’s Kim Chinh blanket baskets fill your bedroom with coziness

3. Redecorate a Christmas tree

Who said you can’t keep the Christmas tree after the festive season has gone? Instead of tucking it away, try to remove the red and green ornaments and replace them with silver and gold accents to give the tree a magical, inviting feel. Besides, using pinecones, faux snow, and twinkling lights can add extra coziness for the remaining days of the season. 

Let's scroll down to see more refreshing tree ideas for winter

Winter decor after christmas living room

Christmas trees with silver ornaments for a warm living room (Source: Decor Home Ideas and Bre Doucette rooms)

Winter decor after christmas ideas in the bedroom

Christmas trees with twinkling lights for a cozy bedroom ( Source: Sherri Calnan and LTK)

4. Hang the winter/ leaf wreath

Creating an inviting atmosphere is easy by incorporating more natural elements, and one effortless way to achieve this is by using a wreath. Leaf wreaths, easy to style and take up minimal space,  offer a hassle-free way to refresh your room. Whether hung on the front door, above the fireplace, or as winter decor after Christmas, it can easily infuse warmth into any corner.

winter decorations with fireplace in the living room

Winter wreaths above a fireplace in the living room (Source: Afloral)

 winter decor after christmas with in the bedroom

Leaf wreaths above the bed and bedside table (Source: Afloral)

As we bid farewell to Christmas's festive glow, embracing winter's warmth in our homes is as easy as incorporating a few key elements above. We hope these winter decor after Christmas ideas inspire you to create your cozy space. Don't forget to explore Artera Home's blanket baskets and trays or chargers as winter decorations.