Artera Home Color Ideas: How To Paint Your Kitchen?


You will feel monotonous, losing interest in cooking and cleaning if your kitchen room is colorless. Thuswise, kitchen color ideas are a high priority. Changing color is the best way to jazz up, no matter what color you like, as long as it's totally stumped for inspiration. To create a dream space there are some references that most people applied successfully. 

1. Dark and saturated are some of the secret kitchen color ideas

Breaking the rule of the color of the minimalist style is instead of bright colors like white, you can put dark and saturated colors for your kitchen room. A navy or black hue is the best one for the fridge and cupboard. You can offer the same as ground with neutral providing. This kitchen color makeover won't let regret it at all.

Kitchen color makeover 001

Kitchen color makeover 002 

2. Bringing in vibrant colors and patterns to your kitchen color accents

If you are not against mixed hues and a kind of pattern, this type of styling is worth adding to your kitchen room. Now you can feel the space is clean and harmonious. Even a pop-up of green color from plants and brown color of wicker baskets still feels fitting up with the kitchen. This thing is the turning point of difference, bringing new wind into your home.

Kitchen color makeover-navy


3. Use the wicker products from Artera Home

The lean green of your kitchen room is one of the trends recently. Because protecting the environment is an alarming problem for everybody. For this reason, the kitchen color idea of taking green is the top choice. This way of application helps your kitchen room out of the old. Afterward, you will want to come to the place every day.

Kitchen color accents-lean on green 001


4. Use warm tone from wicker baskets

The warm tone of yellow and orange hues is set up that will let you know how much bright colors can do for kitchen room color makeovers. It sprinkles colors and fickles the room in many manners that bring positive energy to you. You can imagine there are warm hugs always waiting for you. You would say that this tone selection completely surpasses what any neutral can do for space.

Kitchen color accents-warm tone 001


5. Create a new palette for your home

There are many ways of mixing material, but the best one of giving vintage is to use wicker baskets. The small bits of kitchen color throughout the materials build the space feel bright without painting walls and playful. You can freely arrange the following as your home decor to liven up the corner. As you see, just a corner like that will make you smile the whole day.

Kitchen color accents-warm tone 002