How To Have Minimal Home Decor Style?


Minimal home decor is one of people's favorites and is also a lifestyle based on an arrangement of how you put items into order. Few things, but it has so much meaning in it. Minimalist believers never miss a single tip of minimalism decor which considers things that serve the purpose. To do both decoration and function of your home, there are some particular tips. 

1. Let's start with a query ''why''

If you want a minimalist home, the first step is to start with your “why”. When you can answer it fluently, you can optimize all the things in your home completely.

To have simple home decor items, you have a clear vision of which ones are valued and which ones should be let go. After all the question "why" is solved, it will be able to support you to live an intentional life.

For instance, why should we use wicker baskets for home? Because it has both function and decoration that can minimize the home.

Simple home decor items-wicker baskets

Simple home decor items-seagrass baskets

Using wicker basket for home to both function and saving-sapce 

2. Declutter is important for a minimal home decor

Decluttering is a must you have to do if you are following minimalism as Artera Home's style follows. Minimalism is intentionally living with the things you need so if there is something you don't use for years - take it away. Everything should serve a purpose either emotionally, aesthetically, and functionally. In addition, after decluttering in good manners, you should add in some wicker plant pots looking charming, and making you feel happy during cooking time.

Minimal nature decor-placemat

Minimal nature decor-wicker baskets

Decluttering is important for minimal home decor 

3. Taking advantage of negative spaces in your home

Negative space shows the simplicity in your minimal home decor. This is material to tell your story and lets people know the way of your home living.

Don't feel empty in your home in which you want to add every nook and cranny. When you follow minimalism, it evokes feelings of peace and tranquility. Sometimes, your home also needs to take a breath normally.

Simple home decor items-natural trivets

Simple home decor items-rattan serving tray

Taking advantage of negative space in your simple home decor 

If the empty places lead you annoyed, you can fill natural items such as plant pots and wicker baskets as touching points in your house style. Those things can help fulfilled love while maintaining the meaning of minimalism.

4. Minimal home decor to inspire others, you should create a welcoming space

Minmal nature decor-bedroom

To create a welcome space, we usually choose the living room as a good option for minimalism. Adding large so far and smooth edges such as cushions are more inviting. Your guest will feel comfortable and enjoy such vibes of your home style.

Minimal nature decor-living room

Minimal home decor create a welcoming space 

Minimal home decor is a lifestyle that goes beyond aesthetics; it's about finding meaning in simplicity. Discover the power of simple home decor items with Artera Home. Let our ideas inspire you to create a space that embraces minimalist elegance and intentional design. Find tranquility and beauty in your everyday life. Follow Artera Home to read many interesting blogs!