4 Artera's Woven Table Placemats for an Eco-Conscious Holiday


As the holiday season draws near, consider embracing the charm of natural placemats over their artificial counterparts for a touch of nature in your dining ambiance. Natural placemats offer both cost savings and longevity, making them a sustainable choice compared to single-use alternatives. If you wonder where to buy one, explore our blog, where we delve into the top four woven table placemats for an eco-conscious and stylish festive dining experience.

1. Hung Tien woven placemat

If you’re looking for eco-friendly table accents, don’t miss our Hung Tien woven placemats. These table mats are crafted from seagrass, a natural material harvested with minimal environmental impact. 

Beyond their biodegradable attributes, these seagrass placemats with sophisticated weaving details and star-shaped designs will add an impressive touch to your Christmas celebrations


Artera Home’s Hung Tien placemats for a festive Christmas party

When styling the Hung Tien woven table placemats, try incorporating layering techniques. For example, you can use the small plates within the table mats' star shape, then add the decorative napkins above to create a cohesive arrangement. This layering adds depth to your holiday and showcases the setting's intricate details.

2. Con Thoi water hyacinth placemat

This placemat is made from water hyacinth, a natural material that can be quickly decomposed if no longer used. Using the Con Thoi, you contribute to a sustainable dining experience for the holiday. 

What makes this table mat stand out from other artificial ones is its simple braided weaving lines, which provide a touch of nature to your holiday table. With a neutral light brown tone, the Con Thoi water hyacinth placemat is particularly well-suited for Thanksgiving dinner parties.


Artera Home’s Con Thoi placemats for Thanksgiving dinner

We love to style these woven table placemats by pairing them with white plates or bowls to enhance the natural tones and create a visually appealing composition. To harmonize the look, add some golden cutlery. This styling approach not only complements the simplicity of the placemats but also adds a touch of refinement to your dining setting. 

3. Hoi Ninh seagrass Placemat

Embrace an elegant look for your festive table setting with our Hoi Ninh seagrass placemats. With a unique twist of black strips, these holiday decors introduce subtle sophistication and flexibility to integrate into various table accents. 

Adorn your table with a Hoi Ninh placemat paired with tiny white plates and coordinating napkins for a refined yet straightforward space. Scatter pumpkins across the table to infuse it with seasonal charm and create a warm and inviting atmosphere. The Hoi Ninh’s ability to effortlessly adapt to different styles makes it a go-to choice for a stylish holiday look.


Artera Home’s Hoi Ninh placemats for Thanksgiving setting

4. Quang Thien woven placemat

Unlike other seagrass placemats, Quang Thien boasts a rustic charm with its brown hue and sunburst shape. Its gentle, natural brown tone adds warmth and character, making it ideal for creating a cozy atmosphere during Christmas or winter gatherings.

Styling the Quang Thien placemat is a breeze by arranging it with white plates for a simple yet welcoming look. To amplify the rustic ambiance, incorporate pine cones into the arrangement. The sunburst design, natural tones, and pine cones craft a harmonious and inviting atmosphere, making this perfect for infusing warmth into your holiday.


Artera Home’s Quang Thien placemats for a rustic Christmas table

Artera Home's woven table placemats offer an eco-friendly and visually stunning dining decor. Crafted from natural materials, they contribute to a conscious and stylish dining experience. Explore our other decor for an environment-friendly holiday table, from chargers to trays.