5 Simple Living Room Upgrade Ideas From Artera Home 


Manifestly, the living room is the main part of the home. Knowing where to reunite family, the wind-down with friends, weekend, inviting guests, in general, you can say space of sharing. Hence, Living room upgrade ideas are a central point that everybody is looking for. Blowing new breath or re-decorating is exciting to experience. If you don't know where to start, Let's get top tips to change your room drastically, even save a ton of money. 

1. Simple living room upgrade ideas to change the old to the new

The living room layout is the best one of many decoration aspects to make the new by the old. As you all know, people usually put the sofa looking forward to the TV, what if the sofa faces the window or woven wall decor instead? Those ways are easy-peasy to do and inspire a lot in the room. Anyway, you should decide on the focal point where you can create an attraction.

Accent wall living room-wicker wall decor

Accent wall living room-seagrass

Modern living room upgrade with wicker wall decor 

A wicker wall decor is always a good bet when you need something for a wall, but you've got tired of all your options. It's the best choice for helping a small space feel larger.

2. Adding greenery to the living room

If you have a small living room, don't worry, you can add greenery to connect the outdoors inside. That is the same Artera Home bringing nature to your home. There are multinational ways to put it on, may on the table, on the wall, or on the balcony. As a general rule, people place plant pots at the entrance space, some in the epi-center of the living room. Choosing the right positions,  greenery boosts both balance and good fortune.

Accent wall living room-seagrass baskets

Adding greenery to the small living room upgrade 

Lining the bottom of your walls with a diversity of plants is an enjoyable, natural decor to upgrade the living room.

3. Some woven cushions for remodeling 

Living room layout-cushions 

Upgrade living room idea with woven sitting cushions

Commonly, the living room has types of furniture like a sofa or tables and chairs. Making a more noticeable room is a couple of woven sitting cushions that bring you at ease whenever entering. Cushions are combined with woven wall decor creating a place of warmth, where you have a cup of coffee before going to work. When you get stressed, sitting low on a cushion can help you out.

Living room layout-cushions 001 

Create a cozy space with cushions in warm tones 

4. Woven wall decor can transform walls utterly

Whenever you mention living room decor, you can't fail to mention wall decorating. One best option is wall art decor that can transform the room to the maximum extent. It is like a flower garden blossoming on the wall at which people laid back their eyes. You also have other options such as woven mirrors, and canvas art for those who don't commit to a single style.

Accent wall living room-wall art decor

Modern living room upgrade with Artera Home's wall decor 

5. Living minimally in this modern world

What do you think about a minimalist living room? One of the quickest ways to the living room upgrade ideas is to tidy up and order all the things. When you take non-essential things away, you are breathing a new life into your home. Commonly, wicker baskets on shelves containing kinds of stuff serve as decoration and function. Or a laundry basket in a corner aims as a table.

Living room layout-wicker baskets

Accent wall living room-seagrass basket with handles

Artera Home's Phat Diem Seagrass Wicker Basket is organized in the living room 

The article has provided you with simple ideas to update the overall living room. With these ideas, you can breathe new life into your home. Stay tuned for more of our upcoming articles to get even more great ideas!