7 Ways to Create a Fresh Patio with Summer Outdoor Decorations


Summer - the perfect time to step outside and soak up the sun, isn't it? During this season, the outdoors become an inviting extension of our living spaces, encouraging us to relax, unwind. Why not enjoy the outdoors on your patio as an easy and familiar way? This blog will explore 7 ideas for summer outdoor decorations that will refresh your patio.

1. Update your rugs as summer outdoor decorations

What better way to define your outdoor space than with a rug? Rugs create distinct lounging and dining areas, making your patio feel more organized and inviting. 

This summer, consider updating your rugs with designs that feature floral or leaf patterns, or embrace the calming seaside tones of blues and sands. Make sure to choose rugs that are designed to withstand the elements and everyday wear and tear, ensuring your outdoor setup remains fresh and vibrant all season long.


Striped rug to refresh your summer patio (Source: Studio McGee & CITRINELIVING)

2. Set out colorful dining table and chairs 

Your patio is more than just a retreat—it’s a hub for gathering friends and family. Why not brighten up your dining area in sunny yellows, crisp whites, or other vibrant colors? Don’t forget to choose ones that withstand outdoor conditions, so you can enjoy countless meals under the sky without a worry.


Colorful dining table setting (Source: Kristin Chambless & Better Homes & Gardens)

3. Change your seasonal pillow covers 

Switching up your pillow covers is an easy and effective way to transform the mood of your summer patio seating area. Opt for floral or tropical patterns to infuse your space with the essence of summer. These small changes can make a big impact, instantly making your outdoor area feel new and exciting.


Yellow pillow covers to bring in the freshness of your patio (Source: Better Homes & Gardens)

4. Create a pallet garden

This vertical gardening solution is perfect for growing flowers like petunia or herbs like rosemary, and thyme, or if you prefer something more drought-resistant, succulents are one of great summer outdoor decorations. Not only does a pallet garden add a lovely burst of life to your patio, but it also provides a cooling effect and fills the air with fresh scents.


Adorn with pellet garden on your summer patio (Source: Mein schöner Garten & Place Of My Taste)

5. Adorn with planters

Planters are more than just functional; they’re a key decorative element that can tie your summer patio together. Choose planters with vivid patterns that echo the vibrant tones of summer. 

For those who prefer more eco-friendly and minimalist summer outdoor decorations, consider our wicker baskets from Artera Home. Our baskets with the natural light brown and thick fiber can bring the warm, airy look to your summer patio. Besides, they offer a linen to ensure convenience and prevent moisture from affecting the wicker.


Artera Home’s plant wicker baskets for bringing warm to your patio 

6. Utilize wall of greenery

Why limit your patio to the floor? Expand upwards with wall, vertical, or hanging planters. This approach not only saves space but also adds a lush, cooling effect to your patio. Living walls are excellent for purifying the air and can significantly reduce ambient temperatures, making your outdoor space a cool haven during hot summer days.


Living walls for space-saving and adding a lush to your summer patio (Source: Good Housekeeping & PS)

7. Set up colorful umbrellas

When the summer sun beats down, colorful umbrellas become more than just practical—they're a stylish necessity for outdoor decorations for summer. Setting up vibrant umbrellas not only provides much-needed shade but also injects a pop of color, transforming your patio into a lively, inviting space.

Opt for umbrellas in bright, cheerful colors like blue or sunny yellow to instantly elevate the mood of your patio. These shades reflect the joyful spirit of summer and are perfect for creating a fun, festive atmosphere.


Yellow umbrellas to brighten up your summer patio (Source: The Handmade Home)


Blue umbrellas for enhancing your patio with a fresh look (Source: Live your dreams & Serena & Lily)

Revitalizing your patio with these 7 summer outdoor decorations can transform your outdoor patio into a stunning place for enjoying the warm weather. Dive into summer with these refreshing items and don’t forget to discover Artera Home’s range of summer outdoor decor.