8 ways to be sustainable this fall


When the season starts to change with a new makeover, this is a good time to take new changes related to our lifestyle and also the environment. Here are 8 easy changes to live more sustainably through the fall season.

1. Bring in the houseplants

When the temperature starts dropping down, you should bring your plants indoors to protect them from being wilted or frozen. Meanwhile, plants help absorb moisture in the house. Much more, they purify the air and remove household toxins when we tend to stay at home more often this fall.

plants in wicker basket in the kitchen

If you haven’t had any houseplants, consider Snake Plant, Colorful Aglaonema, or Neon Pothos. These species are well-known for their ease of care and durability. Placing them in a low-light place and watering them 1 to 2 times a week is enough for their growth.

Let’s try styling your indoor plants with Artera natural handwoven baskets:

plants in multi wicker baskets

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2. Buy your clothes from sustainable sources

Most important: Focus on quality rather than quantity.

In terms of taking advantage of your summer clothes, start layering your clothes to stay warm. Plus, you had better utilize warm colors. For things not used anymore, consider selling for a local thrift store or redesigning it to be a decor item. In this way, not only can you save your money and favorite clothes, but you also earn extra.

In case you want to buy new clothes, choose eco-friendly fabrics such as linen, cotton, silk, or wool. These materials are good at keeping warm, affordable, and environmentally sustainable as well.

3. Cook more at home

It's never too early to make a long-term investment in your and your family's health. Cooking at home helps you control the source of your food, nutrients, and fat content. Here is our simple-but-healthy recipe for you: APPLE PIE.

apple pie and its recipe

About drinks, you can try vegan alternatives instead of cow milk. Soy, rice, almond, and coconut “milk” are now becoming more popular and more available in stores. What’s more, these alternatives have lower carbon release than cow milk while ensuring the same nutrient content. A tray helps to organize your space, gather all items in one touch would be a better idea for a chill-out Fall night.

4. Declutter your home

This weather is easy to cause mold, not only causing damage to furniture but also affecting health. Therefore, be aware of cleaning up more often than usual.

You can find how Alicia Fawn keeps her home clean as a daily routine with Artera Home products here.

To prevent messing up, grab a hamper or wicker basket for storing all your essentials.

wicker baskets in the cabinets

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5. Sustainable fall DIY decor ideas

Seasonal decorations are often described as useless items and are quickly tossed out when the season changes. Just because you live sustainably doesn’t mean you have to stay away from the seasonal festivities.

Choose decor items from natural materials: Instead of buying expandable faux ones, try eco-friendly fibers such as water hyacinth pumpkins or hand-woven wall baskets.

Re-use the last festive decor: pumpkin ornaments, wreaths, or Halloween festive items.

wall baskets on the white wall upon the piano

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6. Start next year’s vegetable garden early

As summer passes, it becomes more difficult to grow a garden. But that doesn't mean your garden is left out.

When the weather has not been too cold, you can soak the seeds and incubate them first. You can choose fast-growing fall varieties such as carrots, turnips, lettuce, beets, etc. At the same time, take your time to feed the soil, too.

7. Go green for Halloween

With pumpkins, buy from local markets, and better that you grow on your own. And don't throw away the pumpkins right away. You can use the seeds to make snacks and the stems to make pumpkin pie or compost to make fertilizer.

Try out a natural tray to display your dishes to create a classy vibe while ensuring the reduction of plastic use.

halloween decor with faux, pumpkin and tray

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When going trick-or-treats, let’s prepare the candies that use the least packaging. Remember to check the ingredients and sugar to ensure they are healthy for kids.

8. Feel cozy with eco-friendly candles

In terms of sustainable candles, avoid candles made from paraffin wax because they are derived from petroleum. Instead, use candles made from alternative materials such as soy, coconut wax, or beeswax.

These 8 eco-friendly tips can further help you live sustainably through this fall and upcoming seasons. Remember that living sustainably should keep in mind and practice every day.

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