9 Ways For A Fresh Spring Home Renovation


Home renovation is a great way to increase the value of your home while making it more enjoyable to live in. Let’s try these ideas to makeover your home, when the spring comes back with light and warmth. 

1. Define your desired “home feeling” before home renovation

spring renovation with wicker basket

Spring home renovation with Artera Home’s Dong Huong Storage basket 

Let’s start with the wishes of your family members to ensure a successful renovation. You can ask each other how they want to feel about your home: neutral, cozy, fresh, modern, or lived-up? Or what do they want to add when redecorating?

Once you know how you want your home to look, it will be easier for you to choose furniture and decorative items

2. Move items to create a new look

spring renovation with Artera wall decor

Spring living room renovation with Artera Home’s Khanh Cong Wall Decor

If you are bored with the layout of your home, try to change the furniture’s position. This is one of our favorite ways to renew a space. We have some tips for your living room:

  • Don't: Put the sofas too far apart. This will interrupt the conversation.

  • Do: Place sofas facing each other or place sofas perpendicular to each other.

  • Don't: Keep thick winter blankets in the living room anymore.

  • Do: Stash neatly in blanket baskets for storage in the closet or bring them into the bedroom.

Rearranging objects will make home improvements faster and more cost-effective than changing them completely (except for damaged items that can not be repaired anymore). 

3. Combine traditional and modern elements

handwoven wall decor and hamper in bedroom

Bedroom renovation with Aretera Home’ Binh Minh Hamper Basket 

If you want to create a lively and interesting look, think about combining traditional and modern textures. This contemporary concept can match all four seasons. Natural materials like water hyacinth and jute are also worth trying. Furthermore, you can mix old and new products instead of completely innovating. 

4. Decorate your home with personalized accessories

office room makeover with basket collection

Decorate your home with Artera Home’s basket collection 

Besides luxurious products or aesthetic items, personal decorations are also much appreciated. Family frames, self-painting, portraits, or given items - all of them are suitable. These items will add your personal touch as well as value to the decorated space. 

5. Add custom storage

room makeover with Artera storage basket

Choose suitable Hung Tien placemats to save time cleaning the dining table.

Another cost-effective home renovation way is decluttering your home. Let’s find the right storage solutions based on your needs. Custom storage can make your room look bigger and more organized. For instance, choose the right wicker storage basket.

  • Kitchen, desk, bookshelf, cabinet: Choose small wicker baskets to fit the space, while still ensuring storage.

  • Larger rooms like a kid's room, or living room: Choose baskets that are 10 feet high or more.

  • For the storage room, you had better choose baskets with lids to prevent dust. 

6. Create a spot centered on mindfulness

bedroom spring renovation with wall decor

Bedroom spring renovation with wall decor 

Your mind needs to be renovated just like your home. Create a space where you can feel free and relaxed. Set up a private space to get yourself inspired by yoga and meditation. If the space is small, you can set up a few plant baskets without being fussy.   

7. Dispel the boredom of empty walls

spring renovation with hand-woven wall decor

Spring home renovation with hand-woven wall decor

Spring is the season of freshness, so don't keep the same walls from the old year. Instead, add more textures and patterns with these Artera wall decor sets. Let’s choose your favorite set and shop right at the link:

Pic 1: Khanh Trung Wall Décor - Set of 5

  • Material: Natural water hyacinth.

  • Dimension: 20"D - 15.8"D - 12"D.

  • Color: Mix between beige, gray, and black.

  • Suitable for: Farmhouse, Modern Farmhouse homestyle.

Pic 2: Kim Son Wall Décor - Set of 3

  • Material: Natural jute.

  • Dimension: 31.5"D - 23.6"D - 17.7"D.

  • Color: Light brown.

  • Suitable for: Neutral, Minimalist homestyle.

8. Invest Greenery Into The Home Improvements

green plants in hand-woven baskets

Invest greenery into the spring home improvements 

Green helps to relax the mind when stressed. So people often put a small potted plant on the desk. In addition, plants help eliminate toxins in the room, thereby making it airier.

Thanks to that, your health has also significantly improved. But remember that you should not put too many trees in the bedroom because at night the plants will emit carbon dioxide, which is not good for your breathing. 

9. Clean up the garden and renovate it with a plant basket

The most perfect time to enjoy the outdoors? Exactly the spring refresh. You can rejuvenate your patio with new furniture or place a few potted plants to set up a relaxing, comfortable reading space.

Don't forget to give your plants a new home. A plant basket will protect your plants from insects, dust, and mold. In addition, it will enhance the appearance of the plant. A few notes when using a plant basket:

  • Check the drainage hole to avoid waterlogged plants.

  • Clean the basket with a clean, lightly damp cloth.

  • Dry the basket in the sun every 2 weeks to avoid mold.

We would like to suggest two most-loved plant baskets:

Thuong Kiem hand-woven plant basket

Clean up the garden and renovate it with Thuong Kiem Plant wicker basket 

Thuong Kiem Plant Wicker Basket - Set of 3

  • Material: Natural water hyacinth.

  • Dimension:

    • Basket 1: 13.4" (D) x 13.4" (H)

    • Basket 2: 11.8" (D) x 11.8" (H)

    • Basket 3: 9.8" (D) x 9.8" (H)

  • Specialty: Sturdy, available in 3 different sizes, with plastic liner inside.

Shop now  

Kim Trung hand-woven plant basket

Artera Home's Kim Trung plant basket brings in the natural 

Kim Trung Plant Basket

  • Material: Natural seagrass.

  • Dimension: S: 9 inch × 7.8 inch

  • Specialty: Light, thin, portable, with plastic liner inside.

Shop now

During the spring refresh time, home renovation is a great way to add value to your home and create a space that is uniquely yours. With the right planning and a reliable contractor, you can turn your dream home into a reality.

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