Easter Table Decor: 3 New and Sustainable Decorating Ideas in 2024


If you’re a sustainability enthusiast who loves trendy decor, you're in the right place. We understand that sticking to the same Easter decorations for the table year after year can become a bit dull. That's why we're here to inspire you with three exciting Easter table decor ideas to embrace sustainability while keeping your setting fresh and up-to-date.

1. Natural table linen with the color tone of 2024

As we enter 2024, new color tones are making waves in the world of interior design. Sage, icy blue, and peach are the hues that have caught the eye of trendsetters (referencing Elle Decor). 


Color Palette of 2024 (Collected by Artera Home)

So why not embrace these trendy tones in your linen or runner? Using new linen as an Easter table decor in these colors as a foundation can be a simple idea to stay updated with the latest trends


Elegant Easter table setting with polar sky and white dove and teacup rose tones (Source: Stephanie Ziajka)


Elegant Easter table setting with white dove, pristine and hazy lilac (Source: House of Elyn Ryn)


Elegant Easter table setting with honeybee and white dove and teacup rose tones (Source: Rose Angel)

2. Farmhouse-chic Easter baskets or placemats

In 2024, the farmhouse chic style will be all the rage, with its rustic textures and warm brown tones. Our easy Easter table decor idea to bring freshness and stay true to your eco-friendly values is to use handcrafted items like wicker baskets and woven placemats.

If you’re looking for handcrafted decor for Easter, opt for our Phat Diem baskets and Hung Tien seagrass placemats. With their light brown hues and black pattern surrounding the edge from seagrass, they offer a touch of farmhouse elegance, making your setting an Instagram-worthy vision yet embracing sustainable living. 


Artera Home’s rustic placemats and baskets enhance your farmhouse chic for Easter table decorating


Easter table setting with wicker placemats for farm-house chic (Source: Hill City Bride wedding blog)

3. Nature-inspired overflowing vases

Flowers and plants have always been a traditional choice for Easter table decorating, bringing a fresh ambiance to the dining experience. 


Placing flowers as a centerpiece on Easter table for a nature-inspired look (Source: Bonjour Fête)

However, in 2024, let's go further and embrace sustainable living by using natural storage options like wicker baskets as vases. The tactile warmth of organic textures not only resonates with eco-conscious choices compared to glass or pottery ones but also brings an organic, inviting ambiance to your celebration.


Using wicker baskets as flower vases on the Easter table (Source: Live Oak Nest and Antique Farmhouse)

Incorporating sustainable Easter table decor not only allows us to celebrate the joy of the season but also highlights our commitment to the environment. Following the three ideas in this blog post, you can create beautiful and eco-conscious celebrations in 2024. Don’t forget to explore our handcrafted decor with natural materials and stylish designs.